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Sierra Nevada finds spot to set up in the Carolinas!

This was found in a local news report (WFYY4) earlier today. Stay tuned as more info will be released from the site.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Sierra Nevada brewing company is setting up shop in the Carolinas.


North Carolina State Rep. Chuck McGrady told News 4 the Sierra Nevada brewing company will move next to the Asheville Airport in Mills River along Old Fanning Bridge Road.


McGrady said the plant will bring 200 to 300 jobs.


He said the plant will also be a tourist attraction offering tours, a tasting room, a restaurant, the possibility for concerts and the ability to serve it’s own products on the property.


McGrady says the General Assembly changed state law in late November to make this possible. Under the old law, the brewery could open, but there would be no possibility of the other attractions.


Lawmakers also changed the law to accommodate another potential brewery that may open in Buncombe County.


More information is expected to be released at 2 p.m. when Gov. Bev Perdue holds a news conference.


WYFF News 4 first reported about the possibility of the company moving to Asheville in December.


At that time, the project was being talked about under the name Project 300 and WYFF News 4 was told Henderson County was working on an incentive package for the company.

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SweetWater Brewing Company turns 15 this year. They will be releasing an anniversary brew in honor of their 15th birthday. Also, there will be a party on February 18th at the brewery. Click on the image above  for more info on the party. More info on the anniversary brew as it comes.


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale cans update

We have all been waiting on Sierra Nevadas Pale Ale to be canned ever since we heard news of it. The brewery gave news that they started rolling off the canning line yesterday. Up next: Torpedo IPA tallboys! Cheers!

2012 CCB Hunaphu Day Info

If you’re going to Cigar City Brewing(FL) Hunahpu’s Day (pick me up a bottle please?!?), here is some info gathered from their blog:

On Saturday, March 10th, we will be releasing Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout. Just like the previous two times we’ve released it, we’re going to devote the day to its release.

Here are the most important things to know that everyone is asking us:

– The event starts at 11am, when the tasting room opens up as usual.
– The bottles will go on sale at 3:30pm.
– The bottles are $20 per bottle.
– There is a 3 bottle limit per person.
– Wristbands will be utilized just like last year. When entering the gate to the event, you will be asked for your I.D. If you’re over 21, you will get one wristband. If you want to purchase bottles of Hunahpu’s, you will get another one. Your Hunahpu’s wristband will be cut once you’ve purchased the bottles.
– All bottle sales will be cash only.
– The bottle limit will end at 7:30pm. If there are any bottles remaining, you will be able to purchase any amount of bottles you want, regardless of whether you’ve purchased any before or not.
– We will have several different stations to purchase the bottles of Hunahpu’s starting at 3:30, so it should be quicker and easier than previous years.
– No growlers of any kind will be sold during the day. And no sample flights as well.
– There will also be no tours on this day at all. Expect Friday to be fairly busy as well, so if you wish to plan a tour for that weekend, you should book it now.

Some pretty awesome things to consider for this year’s event:

– The entire parking lot will be wet-zoned and closed off for the event. Meaning, there will be no parking at all on our property.
– There will be parking available at the IRS building at 3848 W. Columbus Drive.
– There will be a shuttle service for that parking lot to the brewery that starts at 9am and runs throughout the day.
– There are several local hotels around us who will be offering shuttle services as well, and it might be a good idea to get a room there. We will soon be offering special codes to use at these hotels.
– We plan to have a whole slew of different food trucks on premise serving up great food. In addition there will also be several other food vendors.
– Live music and other entertainment!
– The tasting room will be accepting credit cards on drinks. Almost everything else will be cash only, so be prepared!
– There will be an ATM available.
– We again expect the local homebrew clubs to be pouring some of their finest beers.
– We will be providing fresh Cuban coffee and bread for those who wish to queue up before the event opens at 11am.
– Feel free to bring beers to share with everyone. We encourage this behavior, especially if you share with CCB employees!

We plan to have several guest beers and other exciting stuff on tap, as well as, of course, our own offerings. Those special beers will be announced at a later date (ya know, when we figure out what we have and don’t have).

New Flying Dog packaging

I am a TOTAL Ralph Steadman nerd, if you don’t believe me just check out his artwork I’ve got tattooed all over both of my arms. With that said, I am pretty stoked to see what that crazy man has in store for the new packaging and designs for Flying Dog.

FREDERICK, MD – Flying Dog is rolling out new packaging designs in 2012 to better reflect Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman’s original work for the brewery. “Our goal was simplification,” Creative Director Adam McGinnis said. “Ralph’s work is insanely chaotic yet intricately detailed. Distracting from that would be an injustice.” The redesign includes labels, 6-pack carriers, and new crown caps. Beginning with the iconographic Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, which is where the brewery’s winged logo originated, the new designs will hit shelves this year.

“We stand for the relentless expression of our art,” VP of Marketing Ben Savage said. “Whether it’s through the art on our labels or the artisanal craft beer within, we will continually choose the path of expression.” McGinnis began by thoroughly examining the original art created for Flying Dog by Steadman. Overall, he chose to use less saturated colors, which allows the art to shine through and preserves more of the textured elements in Steadman’s original works.

Material was also paramount in the redesign, as McGinnis chose a matte finish stock for the labels, over the existing glossy finish, to give it more of a watercolor paper feel. Steadman uses watercolor paper for his original works for Flying Dog. “I began with the labels because it’s a smaller surface area and more detailed from a regulatory standpoint,” McGinnis said. “From there, I moved onto the 6-pack carriers and let Ralph’s art run wild on the bigger space.”

During this redesign, which took about 9 months, McGinnis also decided that the brewery needed new crown caps to better complement the packaging. The new caps are gunmetal gray with black lettering and black with silver lettering. “Our old caps were bright blue and purple, which was a fun pop of color, but it totally detracted from the art,” McGinnis said. “The new caps allow yours eyes to focus on what’s really important.”

SweetWater Crank Tank Rye’d becomes year round

After taking home a medal from the 2011 GABF, the rye’d ale that benefits Camp Twin Lakes is going to be a year round release in 2012. The name is changing to lowRYEder, will be released in their seasonal Tacklebox, then hitting the sixers in June/July. Another Crank Tank that is yet to be announced will be hitting shelves this fall.

SweetWater 420 IPA bottled this week!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am extremely STOKED to try this super hopped up version of their staple 420 extra pale ale. Which is GREAT, because it’s being bottled this week and I am sure the local market will be seeing it very soon.

Sweetwater Brewing Expansion Updates!

Click here for short video showing off their dank (ha) expansion

SweetWater Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is under going a pretty big expansion.  The build will push their capacity to 400,000 barrels.  BSJ got to tour the new facility last week.  We’ve all been thinking it, so I asked The Big Kahuna, Freddy Bensch  ”Are you going to can?”  His answer -”We’ve built in space in the new building for a canning line, so.. Yes.”

This is awesome news of course.  I made the mistake of thinking that 420 Pale would be the first to find an aluminum home.  I was wrong.  Freddy’s leaning towards IPA to kick off the canning line.  Trust me, I’m ok with that.  As exciting news as this is however, the timeline for SweetWater cans might not be until after Summer, 2012.  Fingers crossed I can crack a can of SweetWater at the pool soon.

Other improvements: 

Bottle conditioning: The brewery will start bottling condition soon (less O2. Fresher beer, better shelf life.)
Capacity:  SW currently brews about 77,000 barrels a year.  After – 400,000
New Office Space
New Event Space, separate from tasting room
New Rooftop Patio
Bigger Gift Shop

The brewery has no immediate plans to expand into new markets after the expansion. (But it’s not off the table of course.

Alchemist Rebuild… : /

So, if you have nerded it up with me in the past few weeks you have heard me speak of Heady Topper from The Alchemist Brewery from Vermont. I’m not going to review this beer at this very moment, but in short…it is AMAZING. Amazing. The recently got hit hard by Irene. Here’s the scoop.


I’ve been following the story of The Alchemist Brewpub & Brewery in Waterbury, Vermont.  They suffered catastrophic damage to the brewpub when flood waters from Hurricane Irene attacked the town.  The Kimmichs, founders of The Alchemist were very positive in the wake of tragedy, vowing to rebuild.  The cannery was out of the flood zone, things were looking up. That is – until the insurance company informed them that the basement- where the brewery/brewpub resided was NOT covered.

That is has proved to be the nail in the coffin for the rebuild.   In a letter soon  published on theirwebsite:

Hello friends and fellow business owners.

First and foremost, thank you for all of your assistance and encouragement in the months following the flood. This experience was a challenge made easier by your outpouring of support.

We have made the very difficult decision not to re-open The Alchemist Pub and Brewery. While it is extremely difficult to walk away from the business we have spent our last 10 years building, this is the best option for us moving forward. There were many factors that helped us come to this decision. Primarily, we have recently learned that none of the contents in our basement were covered by flood insurance. Unfortunately, our basement was the lifeblood of our business — our brewery, our beer, all of our food and our offices were in the basement. Moving forward, we have come to the realization that re-building our basement brewery is not a viable option.

At this time, we are focused on reconstructing our building at 23 South Main Street. Zoning has been approved to re-build a 60-seat pub. John and I are determined to re-build as fast as possible to contribute to the vitality of downtown Waterbury. We are in talks with a few different restaurateurs to take over the space. We will find the best fit for Waterbury — someone who can continue to run the pub in a warm, friendly and accessible manner, and provide employment opportunities to our staff.

The Alchemist will continue to be involved in the village of Waterbury. As property owners, we will continue to put our best foot forward with the aesthetics of the building. It is our belief that without the day-to-day operations of the pub and brewery, we will be able to spend more time on community focused special events. Moreover, and probably most important, we will move our 7-barrel brewery to our new production brewery at 35 Crossroad. Once we have installed the brewery, John will be hard at work to supply the community with his creative and tasty small production beers.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the future of our building or The Alchemist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer & John Kimmich

The Alchemist 

Luckily, there will be more Heady Topper and other tasty canned delights coming from The Alchemist, as they focus on their production brewery.  Sadly, the local watering hole seems to be gone for good. 


I shot them an e-mail to send my regards and tell them about my first HT experience. If you have had anything by them, shoot them an e-mail/phone call/whatever to show the love!


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I want to be a part of this Celebration!

If you have had the 12oz. bottle, you more than likely would be happy to take one of these 101oz bottles of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale! I know I sure do! HOWEVER, these very large and in charge bottles are just an experiment. They are not for retail sale. But until then just pick some up from your local bottle shop before it’s all gone!

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