Southern Tier to Distribute to Nashville


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Southern Tier Expands Distribution To Nashville

6 days ago

Southern Tier Brewing Company  (Lakewood, New York)  announced today that they will be distributing to Nashville, Tennessee. Ajax Turner has been selected as the distributor.

Nashville beer lovers can expect the entire Southern Tier catalog of beers to hit the Music City. Fear not, you won’t miss Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale. It’s on shelves now, and will soon be in Nashville. Expect the beer in this order: Oat followed by Choklat, available in November. The SuperPack will be available in early 2013. Featuring Unearthly Imperial IPA, 2xIPA, and Iniquity Imperial Black Ale, the SuperPack is a high gravity 12 packof 12 ounce bottles with an average ABV of nearly 9.0%.

“There was a large Tennessee shaped hole in our map. We’ve begun filling that in with the addition of Ajax Turner Company,” said Phin DeMink, brewery president. “They’ll usher us in to another growing craft market in the greater Nashville area. We look forward to providing Southern Tier Brewing Company beers to another southern state.” DeMink added that the rest of the state will be online by January 2013.


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