423Beer Geek Back in Business!

It’s good to be back and able to blog again. My injury didn’t allow me to type very well. But that is all behind me. So to start off, I’ve got some exciting news. Here goes!

Green Man Brewery (Asheville, N.C.)  is hitting Tennessee. BountyBev (Nashville, TN) has picked them and will be announcing later this week, they will announce the three locations in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville that Green Man IPA will be available for growler fills! Hint: Chattanooga will have it this Friday the 5th at Riverside Beverage. Don’t show up expecting it before 4:20 p.m. though. I’ll be there and if you have not had their IPA, you should be there as well. Read more about Green Man Brewing by clicking the image below.

Next thing I am super stoked about: Lagunitas coming to Tennessee. I had posted a few blogs about this subject in the past months, but got a phone call one day asking me to stop leaking the information and that “nothing was confirmed as of yet”. However, it’s here. Carter distribution has its liquor license so we will see low and high ABV offerings from them.

Finch’s Beer Co out of Chicago will be hitting the shelves of Chattanooga in the next week or two. Tomorrow there is a tasting at Brewhause on Frazier. It’s free so stop on by!

Other Breweries that have arrived in Chattanooga as of lately:(click picture to visit website)


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