Six Point Brewing Calls Out Pre-Season Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin beers are showing up early this year. Way too early. July early. Below are some pictures I have taken locally of octoberfest/pumpkin beers that have been released.

(Brooklyn, NY) – Sixpoint Brewery took to Twitter on Wednesday to declare its feelings on July and August pumpkin beers:

“Any pumpkin beer on shelves now is clearly not made with this year’s pumpkin. Pumpkins are not harvested until October or November.”

Along with these, Shipyard Brewing has already released Smashed Pumpkin, Harpoon Pumpkin Cider, Ace Pumpkin Cider, Long Trails Imperial Pumpkin, Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and many others I am sure I have missed.


4 thoughts on “Six Point Brewing Calls Out Pre-Season Pumpkin Beers

  1. Problem #1 is, most people just want the pumpkin pie ‘spice’ flavor in pumpkin beers. Pumpkin just tastes like squash on its own. So, breweries do without the pumpkin (Which is a pain in the butt to clean out of your mash kettle) and just use the spices. Result: Tastes like they think it will.
    Problem #2: Waiting for pumpkins to be in season means your pumpkin beer is ready to drink and in stores around Thanksgiving. Very short time window. Pumpkin beer after Thanksgiving is like Jingle Bells on New Year’s Day. Unwanted. 🙂

    • 423beergeek says:

      Agreed. You do not get a lot of actual pumpkin taste from these ales. It’s all about the spices, just like the pie. Technically, you could brew it year round if you can find canned pumpkin in a grocery store. I just think it’s too early for me to be drinking them. Late September sounds nice. It’s too hot right now!

  2. Some ladies I know would drink that Blue Moon Pumpkin all year long if they could. Fine print actually says “Pumpkin SPICED Beer.”

    Also, on Oktoberfest, they are out pretty early this year, but they aren’t limited by a seasonal crop, just the lagering time. Oktoberfest in Germany begins Saturday, September 22, 2012, and ends Sunday, October 7, 2012. I think it’s just about stocking shelves and people WANTING to get into the Fall fest season mood. Or just to have an excuse to pour a 6-pack into 1 giant stein. 🙂

    • 423beergeek says:

      I understand the Oktoberfest coming out around this time, because it’s becoming that time of the traditional season. But pumpkin beers have always been more of a fall beer, coming out late September. I guess the real problem that bothers me isn’t what Six Point said, but more of that I don’t want to see a large amount of Spring/Summer beers on the shelves with a large amount of early seasonal offerings.

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