New Belgium to Share Brewery Plans Wednesday


ASHEVILLE — New Belgium Brewing officials on Wednesday will offer a first look at early designs for a brewery it plans to build on Craven Street near the River Arts District.

“Our intention is to present the community with our preliminary concept designs and show the shapes of buildings, their relative scale and square footage,” said Jennifer Vervier, New Belgium’s director of strategic development and sustainability.

The information will give anyone interested an idea of how New Belgium plans to use the overall site, which is now home to a small restaurant, warehouse buildings and the former WNC Livestock Market. A look at the more aesthetic elements of New Belgium’s $175 million brewing operation will come later, Vervier said.

Colorado-based New Belgium, the second largest craft brewing operation in the U.S., announced earlier this year that it planned to build its East Coast brewery in Asheville, ending months of speculation. The company plans to employ about 150 workers at the site, which is scheduled to open in 2015.

Vervier said New Belgium, which has yet to finalize the purchase of its property on Craven Street, will talk about its plan to take down the buildings at the site. New Belgium officials said they plan to reuse and recycle much of the material on the site, and they’ve formed a creative reuse team to that end. That “deconstruction” will start in November or December, with actual site preparation beginning at the start of next year, Vervier said.

City officials will also offer an update on street and sidewalk improvements it promised in negotiations with New Belgium. Cathy Ball, the city’s director of public works, said her department has preliminary plans for bike lanes, sidewalks and the general location of a greenway.

The city will improve the flow of stormwater through the site and will show those plans, too, Ball said.

A layout for a parking lot the public will use to access the greenway will also be on display, Ball said, as well as a diagram that shows improvements planned for the “five points” intersection of Roberts Street and Clingman Avenue.

One of the biggest concerns from the public has been the brewery’s impact on traffic. Ball said state officials will oversee construction to improve the 90-degree turn on Haywood Road known as Beechum’s Curve, as well as the intersection of Haywood Road and Interstate 240.


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