Lagunitas to Hit Tennessee by…???

EDIT: I have been informed that some of my information is a bit skewed. As of now, no one is sure who will be picking up Lagunitas in TN. I will keep updated. But apologies to all. 

It’s been confirmed that Lagunitas Brewing Company will be distributed to Tennessee after all. After many back and forth debates via other blogs and websites, it has been stated that Chattanooga will see Lagunitas in August. Now with that said, the date has been pushed back two times so it might be pushed back again. Either way, Carter Distribution of Chattanooga signed all paper work and will be distributing it throughout the city.  Due to Tennessee alcohol laws, their offerings below 6.2% will be sold in grocery and retail stores while all offerings above 6.2% will be sold in wine and spirit stores. I will keep updates on time of arrival and what offerings they plan to launch with.


Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

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