Saw Works Brewing: Marble City re-brands after legal battle

(Knoxville, TN) – A legal battle spanning more than a year appears to be behind two breweries but not without at least one left feeling a bit bitter.

marble city brewing logoTennessee-based Marble City Brewing is completely re-branding itself after struggling through a lawsuit by New Mexico-based Marble Brewery. The latter alleged that Marble City had infringed on its trademarks. The battle got ugly to the point that Marble Brewery started distributing beers across the country into then-Marble City’s back yard.

Though the two sides met and shook hands last year in Tennessee, they were never able to reach an agreement in which the two existing brands could co-exist.

marble brewery logoAnd the name isn’t the only thing changing according to MetroPulse…

“The company has replaced its brewmaster with Dave Ohmer, formerly of Downtown Grill and Brewery, and will now focus exclusively on English-style ales. Borsodi says Ohmer has already begun brewing, and the first batch, a pale ale, will be ready to drink in a couple of weeks.”

Saw Works has been very quiet about the change so far. The company created a Facebook page late last month on which it posted the photo above. The company has not yet released any status updates on the new page nor has it sent any fans to it.


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