FFF issues statement regarding DL black market sales

via FFF website:

Dark Lord Day has become the success that it is due to the support from the craft beer community. Each year we’ve worked hard for months to improve the experience of the attendees.

Dark Lord Day is the only day that Dark Lord is sold. Part of only selling beer at the brewery guarantees that it goes to the consumer at a reasonable cost and that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase Dark Lord.

We do not condone black market sales of Dark Lord, DLD tickets or any other beer that is purchased at our facility. The best way to ensure that black market sales do not happen is for consumers to not patronize the illegal sellers, (this also goes for retailers who engage in price gouging.) There unfortunately is not a practical, legal or cost effective way for us to police after market sales of our limited products or tickets.

We have reviewed many options but have found that all of them would affect our mission of making the best beer we possibly can at a reasonable price to the consumer. If you find Dark Lord for sale on a day other than Dark Lord Day and other than at the brewery please understand that without exception, the sale is not legitimate. It is on all of us as a community to try to prevent black market sales.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to planning an awesome Dark Lord Day 2013.


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