Stone to release Ruination 10 year anniversary ale.

Stone Brewing Co released Ruination ten years ago, ruining palates forever. Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA is coming soon and it sounds promising.

In June 2002, we released Stone Ruination IPA.  Bigger, hoppier, & much much much more bitter than the popular beers of the day. In fact, back then it was on the outer fringe of craft brewing. So, in a bid to warn folks of the bitter impact of our ‘liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop,” we named it Stone Ruination IPA, for its extraordinarily bitter, “ruinous effect” on the palate.   People thought we were nuts.Nobody would want such a bitter beer. You see, in June 2002, only a tiny handful of breweries either had bottled a double IPA as a limited release or had one on tap at their brewpub Without realizing it, we’d made a bit of history, as our new beer proved to be the first full-time brewed e bottled double IPA on the planet How things have changed. Today, double IPAs are brewed by literally hundreds of craft breweries all off the world. Incredible. Delicious. And incredibly delicious. No, we didn’t create the double IPA style. That honor’s been attributed to our old friend Vinnie Cilurzo, who produced his Blind Pig 1st Anniversary IPA in 1996 in nearby Temecula, CA (the same year Stone opened]. We then picked up the double IPA baton with our successively-ever-bigger-and-hoppier Stone 2nd thru 5th Anniversary IPAs [1998-2011.] Ultimately, in 2002 we blended those recipes to create Stone Ruination IPA, if for no other reason than we simply wanted that big, hoppy character available to us all year ’round. Turned out you did, too! Today Stone Ruination IPA is one of the best selling double IPAs in the world, thanks to you, so we brewed this special version to celebrate.

 Style: Imperial IPA

Arrival: June
Availability: 22oz bombers

10% ABV


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