Penn Brewing discovers giant barrels in nearby cave

(Pittsburgh, PA) – The Penn Brewery team made quite the discovery on Monday…in a cave somehow connected to the brewhouse. Here are some comments from the brewery, as posted on its Facebook page (photo above from Facebook).

Hidden behind a block wall that we just opened up today. You’re seeing it for the first time today just like we are!

These are the original lagering caves from the E&O brewery est. 1848. These caves are from the 1880′s expansion phase. They connect directly to the brewhouse, although those entrances are long walled off. We opened one of the walls enough to get in for the first time, today.

Rest assured we will be very conscious historically as we clean up. And the benefit of being sealed as it was is no sign of critters. ANY critters. Or any life (at least non-ethereal) we could detect.

Rumor has it the Ober sister’s ghost still haunts the place, though. We don’t need an exterminator, but we may need TAPS. -lol (just kidding)

Would you think we’re exaggerating if we said it goes back over 30 ft. Then it turns left. Then it gets BIG. And goes left, right, and straight? (And UP and DOWN – think split-level cave.) Well, we’re not. (exaggerating) This isn’t a beer cave, it’s a BEER MINE!

Use it for? TBD. We had a major cold-storage expansion planned this year anyway. Thinking it just may be worth the effort to go green. (Or back to tradition.) 84 degrees outside today, warmest last month ever, and in the caves we could still occasionally see our breath through the respirator like a winter day. At least we hope that was what that was. #kingtutscurse


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