Yazoo Hop Project #64 bottled


Hop Project has always impressed me but I really enjoyed batch #63. So I’m excited to see what batch #64 brings to the table.

Long live Hop Project #63 – but it’s time to move on. We will be getting some more Kiwi hops in later this year, but for #64 we wanted to get a little taste of the old country. We brought in three of our favorite English hops – Challenger, Progress, and Target – and used them throughout the batch. 

The result? Well, the bitterness is very mellow and clean. It has a great spicy aroma, with hints of candy and orange marmalade. I really like it, and it is a great change of gears from #63. After a couple of batches of #64, enough to get it distributed out to all of our distribution area, we’ll be getting some New Zealand hops in for #65.


Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

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