Bull and Bush Pub Whole Hop Infusion

I stumbled upon this in a recent article I read and had to share it! Why didn’t I think of this? Although you can’t buy them anywhere, you can always make your own! I believe I will be attempting this and will be sure to let you know what it’s like! This is the rundown via Bull and Bush Pub’s website:

The secret is out! Today we announced Whole Hop Infusion, a process that brings the art and science of dry hopping tableside for the uninitiated to the geekiest of beer geeks. Bull & Bush guests can now get a pour of beer, infused in real-time with their hop variety of choice. The Hop Inciter 3000, equivalent to a French press used for steeping coffee, allows drinkers to experiment with how beer’s most popular ingredient affects the characteristics of the beer.

Guests of the Bull & Bush can pick any house beer then choose from various hop varieties offered on the infusion menu. The ingredients are combined in the Hop Inciter 3000 and the customer decides how long to wait before pouring the beer and tasting the custom infusion.

“Brewer’s have been dry hopping beers for ages to achieve various desired affects, but the process is time consuming and can be very expensive. We thought Whole Hop Infusion would be a great way to allow beer fans to do some of their own experimenting,” says Erik Peterson, Minister of Progress at the Bull & Bush. “It has also turned out to be a great educational experience for people who want to learn more about the beer making process. They get to see, feel, smell and taste actual hop cones, possibly for the first time.”

Allowing the beers to hop steep for just a few minutes will add a significant shift to the original flavor of the beer. Hard core hop fans can wait longer and dial it up to a palate crushing punch, especially if they start with a beer that already has a high hop quotient, such as the Bull & Bush Man Beer, an award-winning English style IPA.

Bull & Bush is currently offering five hop varieties including Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Nugget and Northern Brewer, soon. The hops are grown locally in Colorado by the hop wranglers at Jack Rabbit Hill farm, a Demeter-certified biodynamic farm that is also home to the Jack Rabbit Hill Estate Winery and Peak Spirits farm distillery.

The Whole Hop Infusion Menu:
Cascade Hops
Cascade is an aroma variety which means it’s used to contribute aroma to beer. Notes of spice, citrus and grapefruit rind.
Harvest Date: Sep 6-7, 2011
Alpha Acids: 10.5%
Beta Acids: 7%
Crystal Hops
Also an aroma hop, but this time notes of white fruit, coconut and banana. Super tropical.
Harvest Date: Sep 8-9, 2011
Alpha Acids: 9.8%
Beta Acids: 6.7%
Chinook Hops
Chinooks are used for adding bitterness to beer. Notes of herbs with a smoky, spicy, piney character.
Harvest Date: Sep 12, 2011
Alpha Acids: 13.5%
Beta Acids: 4.2%
Nugget Hops
This is another variety used for bittering, but also can have an intense herbal, foresty aroma.
Harvest Date: Sep 8, 2011
Alpha Acids: 14%
Beta Acids: 5%
Northern Brewer
An English variety used for both aromatizing and bittering. Pine foresty, humusy aromas.
Harvest Date: Sep 8, 2011
Alpha Acids: 9%
Beta Acids: 4.5%


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