Lagunitas expansion/distrobution update

We have all heard the rumors that Lagunitas will be hitting new markets this year. They are expecting to hit a boat load of new markets after the expansion is done in April (it got pushed back after their new system got destroyed during transportation). The brewery is currently in 35 states and hoping to hit 49 soon. Rumor has it that Tennessee will be left out due to ABV cap. I on the other hand think differently. I’ve spoken with Tennessee distributors and Lagunitas reps and they have confirmed that TN will be getting Lagunitas products. The large difference being this: Any of their offerings that sit at 6.3% ABV will be sold in grocery stores, gas stations, etc. All their other offerings above 6.3% ABV will be sold in Wine and Spirit stores. Certain distributors in Tennessee do not have their liquor license, which keeps them from being able to sale higher alcohol products. However, the distributors that are picking up Lagunitas do in fact have their liquor license, allowing them to sale products to Wine and Spirit stores.

After the expansion is complete, Lagunitas will be going from 185,000 barrels to 600,000. So, look out for more news and updates in regards to this. Hopefully we shall see their products on local shelves sooner than later! Cheers!


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