Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Ale

News from Beer Pulse about a new Apricot Ale from Samuel Smith that will be coming to America:

Merchant du Vin is pleased to announce Samuel Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale, which joins the award-winning Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry Ales. Look for it now and over the next few weeks wherever you buy beer – our website has a retail beer search feature.

Before Samuel Smith’s earned organic certification for their tiny Melbourn Bros. Brewery in 2008, Apricot Ale was their top-selling beer. After an extensive search, the brewers have finally found a source of USDA Certified Organic apricots. Festive and innovative, Sam Smith’s Apricot Ale offers bold, appealing apricot aroma and flavor, perfectly melded to clean, light-bodied organic ale. Hazy orange-gold color; firm body; finishes full and rich. OG: 1.065; IBU 14; ABV: 5.1%. USDA and UK Soil Association Certified Organic.

The historic Melbourn Bros. Brewery has stood in the market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, England, since 1825. Lovingly restored by Samuel Smith’s in the 1990s, this gem of a brewery is little changed since the early industrial revolution: it still has a belt-driven grist mill, old copper brewing vessels, and steam power. Sam Smith’s Organic Fruit beers gain deep character from brewing and fermentation using the original Victorian equipment. The beers are then blended, conditioned and packaged at Samuel Smith’s in Tadcaster.


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