Maryland teen dies after drinking Four Loko. Who’s to blame?

A 13-year-old Maryland boy died in a tragic car accident after his family says he drank a can of the booze and caffeine-fueled party drink Four Loko while hanging out with two friends.

Michael Thomas Truluck felt sick during the ride home with his mother’s fiancee early Saturday evening.

The teen’s mom, Kristina Keys told the Baltimore Sun that Michael opened the front passenger door to throw up – and was immediately struck by a Ford Explorer and died hours later at Franklin Square Hospital.

“I think he felt so sick that he was not thinking about anything,” Keys told the newspaper.


His friends said the 13-year-old, who reportedly spent most Saturdays scarfing down fast food and playing basketball, had already vomited twice before the day he died.

It was not immediately clear who bought the teens the dangerous party drink, which has been outlawed in its original form in many states around the country after a rash of deaths last year.

“This drink is illegal and way too powerful for kids,” Keys said. “They all think they are invincible, but this shows them they are not.”

In its original form, the drink is the equivalent of four beers and one cup of Starbucks coffee – a dangerous combination that can fool partygoers into thinking they’re not that drunk – while packing a potent punch of alcohol.

The teen’s school told the newspaper they planned to have grief counselors available on Tuesday to help students deal with the tragic accident.

One of his friends, Jeffrey Watt, told ABC 2 News he was still in shock.

“I still think I’m going to wake up in school tomorrow and he’s going to be there,” he said. “It just feels like he’s not gone.”

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