Russian River/Sierra Nevada Collaboration

A collaboration between Russian River and Sierra Nevada is coming soon. Brux will be brewed at Sierra Nevada and distributed through them as well. So, many of us around the South will have  a chance to grab one of these of the shelves.

What began as mutual admiration between Sierra Nevada’s Grossman family and Russian River’s Cilurzos has grown and progressed into genuine friendship.  Brux began as an idea and has grown into something altogether different: 

The liquid manifestation of change over time.  

Refermented in the bottle with Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Brux will change and develop over time.  Copper-colored, dry and complex, with slightly tart notes of green grass, pear, spice and lemon – this ale will progress in the bottle for many years.  

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: 750ml bottles, corked & caged.
Arrival: July, 2012

8.3% ABV


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