White Castle to test beer sales

Via huffingtonpost.com:

White Castle is the latest fast food establishment that is toying around with the idea of selling beer and wine in order to boost business. According to the Columbus DispatchWhite Castle is testing beer and wine sales at its Lafayette, In. location. The site hosts not only a White Castle but also a Blaze Modern BBQ. Blaze Modern BBQ is one of the three new concepts that White Castle is experimenting with — Laughing Noodle, an Asian concept in Springfield, Oh. and Deckers, which sells grilled sandwiches in Lebanon, Tn., and are also new ventures for White Castle as of last summer.

At the Lafayette location, a glass of wine costs $4.50 and a domestic beer is $3. This test — which the company hasn’t determined if it will launch nation-wide — falls in line with many other fast food chains. A handful of other chains, such as Sonic and Starbucks have also been trying out alcohol this year.

Chains like Chipotle and the ever-growing Shake Shack already serve alcohol. With all of the fierce competition between fast food restaurants (see herehere and here, for starters), it’s no surprise that chains want to find other ways to make a profit and stand out. But it seems like if one finds success in the alcohol game, others will likely follow suit.


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