A few quickies

Woodchuck Hard Cider has released the first in its new Farmhouse Select Series called Original 91. It’s a throwback to their inception in 1991. Sold in corked 750-ml bottles. Made with Vermont apples using Belgian yeast strain. Hopefully they will leave unnatural ingredients out of this one…


21st Amendment has two new releases- Fireside Chat and Allies Win the War. Fireside (described as a kick in the butt and a big hug at the same time) is a 7.9% winter ale brewed with spices and cocoa nibs. Allies Win the War is a collaboration between 21st and Ninkasi. Malty and hoppy brown ale brewed with California dates.


Samuel Adams– New side projects from some of the brewers. Griffin’s Bow– is a rich, 11.5% oak aged blond barley wine. Tasman Red is a 6.75% red IPA, Third Voyage is a 8% citrusy, double IPA using British, New Zealand, and US Cascade hops. The Vixen is 8.6% chocolate chili bock. These are available in 22oz bottles somewhere near you.


American brewers took home a combined 37 awards during the recent Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival and the European Beer Star Competition.


Don’t know too much info about this one but Magic Hat founder, Alan Newman and his long time business associate; Stacey Steinmetz will launch Alchemy & Science. Alchemy & Science is a craft brew incubator in Burlington, VT that will be funded by the Boston Beer Company.


Brooklyn Brewery released a special boxed set. Contains newly released Oxford Companion to Beer, with a 750-ml bottled conditioned wheat wine called The Companion. The box set retails at $80 at the brewery, so if you can’t score it there like myself, just pick up the book!


beerjobber.com – Here comes a new website that is partnering with breweries to cut out retailers and get fresh beer directly from the brewery directly to the customers. They have added a social networking component to the site where customers can share recommendations based on members taste, past purchases, ratings, and rankings. That is great and all…unless you work at a retailer. Check it out for yourself, or don’t…I don’t care.


Beer Trends – barrel aging, canning, brettanomyces, etc….what about Chile Pepper Beer? Rogue Chipotle Ale was the first widely distributed Chile Pepper beer. Here are a few others:

New Holland’s El Mole Ocho– 8.4%. Created after mexico’s national dish. including ancho, pasilla, chipotle, and mulatto peppers as well as cinnamon, coriander, anise, seed, coffee, and cocoa nibs. Fermented with German weizen yeast. Mikkeller Chipotle Porter (6.6%) CCB Hunahpus Imperial Stout (11.5%), brewed with cocoa nibs, pasilla, ancho chiles, cinnamon, and vanilla beans. Horseheads Hot-Jala-Heim (6.5%) brewed with jalapeno and anaheim peppers. Sam Adams Chocolate Chili Pepper Bock (8.5%) called the Vixen, brewed with Ancho and chipotle ppers, cocoa nibs, and cinnamon.  Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (9.5%) cocoa nibs and a dash of cayenne pepper. DFH Theobrama (10%) brewed with cocoa powder, nibs, honey, annatto, and chilies. Stone Vertical Epic 2011 (9.4%) belgian golden ale brewed with green chiles from the hatch valley in new mexico and cinnamon sticks. Left Hand Fade to Black #3 Pepper Porter (7.5%), brewed with smoked and dried Serrano, ancho, and chipotle peppers. Terrapin/Shmaltz reunion is a collaboration using Cocoa nibs, chile peppers, and vanilla.





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