Lagunitas STILL sucks.!

I don’t think this hurts my heart as much as it does others….

So this season, Brown Shugga’couldn’t be made by Lagunitas Brewing.  They weren’t happy about it at all, but DID make Lagunitas Sucks – an IPA attempting to smooth over hurt feelings.  As it turns out, Sucks has been quite popular.  Ok, so it’s no Shugga’ but a tasty substitute.

Remember when I mentioned you’ll see it again?  If you missed your shot at this tasty second stringer, you’ll get you’re shot with Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Leftover Ale. Here’s some good bad or bad good news.  It’s taking the place of Big Hairy Eyeball.  Recently, Lagunita’s new brewhouse ate it en route to Petaluma.  The delay has set production back even more.  So, more Sucks, less Balls. err.. Eyeballs. Hairy ones.


Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

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