Dogfish Head 2012

I like this line up change. Can’t wait to try the new ones! Burton Baton year round? Killer!

Dogfish Head has released their 2012 brewing schedule.  Highlights include: More Bitches Brew & Hellhound.   However – Fort, Squall IPA, World Wide Stout, Pangaea, and Lawnmower Ale will not be brewed next year.

Burton Baton promoted to  year round status

Tweason’Ale – their first new 4 pack in years will arrive 4 times a year.  It’s gluten free!

75 Minute IPA – A blend of 60 Min, 90 Min IPAs – dry hopped, and bottle conditioned with maple syrup   Arrives in March.

Noble Rot –  Fermentable sugars for this funky ale come from grapes that have been infected by a benevolent fungus called botrytis. The white-wine vines magnify the sweet-and-sour complexity of this off-centered ale. Watch for a wave of 750-ml bottles early in the year.

Urkontinent – A Google/Beer collaboration is not on schedule, but a potential.  Made with wattleseed, myrica gale, rooibos tea and amaranth. Urkontinent was such a hit at our brewpub that we want to share it with the rest of you.

Ta Henket has shipped

Brand X – Yet to be disclosed.  Arrives November, 2012

2012 brew schedule here.


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